Westward Healthcare provides a welcoming, safe living and working environment within the Health and Social Care sector.

We have a person-centred approach that continues to drive the organisation and is at the heart of our staffs’ principles and values.

Our professionally trained staff and therapists support adults with a range of Learning Disabilities, Autism, Epilepsy and other additional complex needs; they provide the utmost care where required, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with constant enthusiasm. This extremely high quality of service supports and enables people to have ownership of their own lives and future. Our aim is to provide not only therapeutic activities but education and reinforcement of positive behaviour. The individual Service Users are able to live the quality of life they wish for themselves.

Established in 2009 and developed into two sites, Westward Farm and Westward Barns, both provide specialised and individual residential support for men and women from 18 years onwards. Every service user is unique and we personalise care to meet the individual’s needs.



Built to an extremely high standard, both Westward Farm & Westward Barns are designed to provide every service user with their own separate living area in order to maximise the practice of daily living skills. Larger communal areas and outdoor gardens allow for the freedom to socialise, build a community atmosphere and give the opportunity to form important friendships between other residents as well as the support staff.

We have a firm commitment to provide community inclusion and we encourage locally based activities such as shopping, leisure activities or a trip to the local pub or church. Depending on the individual, everyday experiences can lead to extraordinary achievements, which cannot be undervalued.

Our underlying philosophy is to provide a person centered approach to daily life.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement is the fundamental purpose for our existence.

Westward Healthcare will:

  • create unique services for people to enable them to have ownership of their own lives and future
  • provide excellence and innovation in supporting all those that choose to live within the services
  • promise to support our service users to develop in an environment that resists institutional practices and rejects authoritarian attitudes in all formats
  • do our utmost to ensure our service users experience a quality of life they wish for themselves and support them as they progress towards their identified aims
  • ensure that our service users have a voice and protect their right to equality and community inclusion at all times

Westward Healthcare will achieve this by:

  • ensuring we can adapt our services to meet peoples’ needs whilst aiming to exceed their expectations
  • starting from the principle that people with learning disabilities have the same fundamental rights as anyone else in society, which includes the right to develop and make informed choices about their lives
  • actively promoting equality and diversity within our company, both in our staff and the care and support we give others
  • identifying and developing the supports and networks necessary for service users to realise their full potential
  • recognising and celebrating the uniqueness of every individual by ensuring a person centred approach is adopted
  • being committed to enabling personal growth now and for the future, giving each person the strongest voice with regards to decision making and lifestyle choices
  • use of positive approaches based on highlighting personal strengths and not weaknesses
  • adoption of non-abusive psychological and physical interventions at all times
  • developing best practice in regards to staff recruitment, professional development, support and training.

Our Management Team

[row] [banner ]Members of staff will provide sensitive and flexible personal support, which is aimed at maximising service users' privacy, dignity, independence and control over their lives at all times.[/banner] [/row]